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AIA Nevada/NSBAIDRD Presentation - Mediation for Design Professionals: How Did We Get Here? Christine is excited to jointly present “Mediation for Design Professionals: How Did We Get Here?” on November 4, 2022 for the Nevada State Board of Architecture, Interior Design and Residential Design, in partnership with AIA Nevada. Most [...]

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AIA Las Vegas Spotlight Christine E. Drage, Esq.

I Am A Member Of The American Institute Of Architects (AIA) Because... I truly care about the profession. On the one hand, yes, I am a lawyer who makes money from representing architects, among other disciplines. On the other hand, I consider myself a trusted advisor to the individuals and firms in this industry, [...]

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Key Factors In Developing an Internal Risk Management Process

From choosing your client to closing a project, your firm can take measured steps towards managing its risk. While unpleasant, the terms “insurance” and “litigation”, they have taught us how to better protect design firms by minimizing claim potential, or at least develop stronger defenses if claims cannot be avoided. Internal risk management is [...]

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Risk Management For The Design Professional

Iwas recently asked to provide a presentation for design professionals on "How to Avoid Litigation." I responded that the presentation would be very short, as avoiding litigation was not within the control of the design professional. Fearing that my response would likely incite a riot (yes, design professionals riot in their own special way), [...]

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