Copyright Rights and Wrongs

Copyright seems like a rather lofty notion. Few put copyright at the top of their list of must-haves in contract negotiations, and even fewer take the time to actually register their documents for copyright protection. But you do have copyright protections under current law. That copyright can come in handy as a risk management [...]

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Key Factors In Developing an Internal Risk Management Process

From choosing your client to closing a project, your firm can take measured steps towards managing its risk. While unpleasant, the terms “insurance” and “litigation”, they have taught us how to better protect design firms by minimizing claim potential, or at least develop stronger defenses if claims cannot be avoided. Internal risk management is [...]

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If You Build It, They Will Sue: a White Paper on Condominium Projects

by Trevor O. Resurreccion, Esq.Peter L. Stacy, Esq. Weil & Drage, APC1 Introduction - Do architects owe a “duty of care” to the homeowners of a condominium project with whom the architects have no contractual privity? According to the California Supreme Court, they do. What does this mean in practical terms? The answer is [...]

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Disability, Accessibility, and Liability: What Every Architect Needs to Know

Title: Disability, Accessibility, and Liability: What Every Architect Needs to Know ID:WE308 Date:May 13, 2015 Time: 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. LU:[As Published Program Summary While architects already know about ADA & FHA, it’s what they don’t know that could hurt them. At this interactive workshop, architects will learn about three issues of critical [...]

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So Is There Anything GOOD to be Taken from Beacon

Another blow by the California Supreme Court on the design industry hit the wires with a vengeance when the Court issued its July 3 ruling. For those of you that may not have already heard, the Court in Beacon Residential Community Association v. Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, LLP,, (Supr. Ct. No. S208173), affirmed [...]

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Design professionals, such as architects and engineers, are frequently named as parties to construction litigation in an almost reflexive manner by attorneys representing contractors, property owners and owners’ associations. Often, the allegations are flimsy and bear no connection to the actual plans, drawings or specifications created by the design professional. Sometimes they are founded [...]

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Drafting a Quality Control Manual: A Design Professional’s Guide

Whether dictated as a specific requirement in your client contract or not, many firms attempt to assemble an internal set of quality control standards for use by employees in performing professional services. Some firms use quality control/quality assurance manuals, some issue policy and procedure bulletins, while others simply rely on verbal instructions. Regardless of [...]

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The Best Foundation for a Great Design is a Good Contract

As a design professional, you are part of an elite group. You undergo years of schooling, state-required training under licensed mentors, and grueling examinations in order to attain the distinction of becoming licensed in the fields of architecture or engineering. Yet despite the education and perseverance required just to be able to practice in [...]

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