Alternative Dispute Resolution
Mediation Services

W&D understands that the effective early resolution of disputes is often in the best interests of its clients. The lawyers at W&D have extensive experience resolving conflicts for their clients, often working with their insurance carriers, through mediation.

Literally thousands of legal matters have been litigated and resolved through alternative dispute proceedings by W&D attorneys over the course of decades. The practice of representing clients and working with their insurers through the settlement negotiation process, while understanding the importance of fighting on principles, also necessitates focus on the costs of protracted litigation and risks forging ahead.

Finding the right balance in the best interest of the client involves thoughtful evaluation of risk and exposure, resulting in attributes of qualified mediators with the specific knowledge needed to act as third party neutrals.

W&D lawyers routinely understand and resolve legal problems and controversies, and are skilled at articulating the hazards that face parties absent resolution.

W&D has the industry knowledge, experience, and credibility, as well as the resources, to mediate all aspects of construction law, professional liability, corporate and transactional law, employment law, personal injury, property damage and equine law disputes.

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